Friday, May 4, 2012

Featured in "touch" Vol. 8

Finally a new post :D
I was really busy this first half of the year. I took a leave from school and started freelancing. To my surprise, it's actually going pretty well. The things I draw are card illustrations and characters for social games. This time, I received an email about having my artwork featured on a magazine over in Japan. So I did it and I just got my copy in the mail!

To my surprise, they told me "magazine" but this is definitely a quality art book with 128 full colored pages, including a DVD with 3 recorded (no cut) video WIP of each 3 illustrations, and everyone's PSD files for viewing. It also includes ComicStudioEX4 trial (I believe N.American version it's Manga Studio).
This is "touch" Vol. 8 which includes tutorials with variety of art styles, and art programs such as SAI, Painter, Photoshop, and After Effects. It mostly features illustrators, animators, and comic artists. Special guests include animation studios and 1 artist from a foreign country. Which this time, the foreign artist was me.

I drew one original illustration just for the book. In the book, I had 6 pages worth of step-by-step progress and a mini profile+interview. It was a pleasure working with them. Thank you for having me over SHINYUSHA.

I don't know where else they sell this book, but they have them on Japanese Amazon.

Once I get more free time, I'll have to finish the commissions I have left and draw more personal stuff!