Wednesday, January 19, 2011



 I drew this for a friend's birthday :D. It's his original character, Good Satsuma
 It started when I was eating clementines, he asked what unshuu mikan was in english. I told him it's called satsuma and he decided to draw a character out of it lol (we were skyping during his ustream).

Another friend also drew his character! He mainly draws lineart so I decided to color it

I tried coloring it in a manga style, like how you would color it with a copic marker. Anyways, both are done with SAI. :D I had a fun time

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost Eden.

I started this way back in October or November or something and I finally finished. It didn't take me long, it's just because of school, I never had the chance to work on it D:. Anyways, I finished it and it will be for the upcoming Boiled Fish Artbook my friends and I are working on!
We have reached our goal but you can still pre-order until the 26th! Here is the link: