Friday, November 18, 2011


I haven't updated in a while because...well, I don't really have much to show haha.
I was too busy with school and work so I'll post some of it.

This was my first (or second) assignment for both painting and watercolor class. For painting class, we did the typical grayscale swatches. The bar on the right is my first attempt, the left is a my second which came out much better. The one of the right was my watercolor assignment, which was to copy an old master's painting. I decided to do one of Bouguereau's piece (fuck I can never spell his name). Had a fun time doing that one.

This was just in-class painting session. The first week was drawing with burnt umber and then wiping the highlights, second was using a mix of burnt sienna, french ultramarine, and permalba white  (I used titanium white)  to create a limited but colored portrait. Then the following week we used Zorn palette which is the 4 colors Anders Zorn used (ivory black, white, cadmium red, and yellow ochre). A lot of what we do in this painting class is similar to what I've learned at the Art Students League but more basic and breaking down the steps. The top painting is painted with the Zorn palette, kind of wish I have another 10 min to work on it (at least paint over the brown under-painting seriously lol).

Okay now that I talked about school stuff, here's a downside of it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

LEGEND: Key to SUBKARU Exhibit

I am part of a Museum Exhibit in North Salem NY. 
It would be awesome if you can make it to the opening reception.

The Hammond Museum
28 Deveau Rd.
North Salem, NY 10560
(914) 669-5033

The Opening Reception is going to be:
Saturday, September 17th, 2011

The exhibit will be through:
September 14th - November 19th 2011 

Participating Artists:
Nasa Ikeda*
Noa Ikeda*
Mana Ikeda*
Raymund Anlocotan
Peter Chan
Grace Fong
Melinda Guo
Juri Hayasaka
Dan Howard
Midori Maejima
Jay Zhou

* = Show curators

Hours: Wednesday ~ Saturday From 12PM~4PM
Admission to the Museum, Garden and Cafe is free with membership
or: $5 for adults, $4 for seniors, children under 12 are free

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Comic Market 80

I won't be participating C80 in person, but I did work on several projects for this summer!

2nd Day - Nigrante will have a booth at ア-45b. Unfortunately they will not have a new CD but they will sell their past CDs - Scriptures, Elysha, and Lety at their booth! I drew for Elysha and Lety CDs. This time I drew a new promotional illust.
2日目 ア-45b: Nigrante 新しいCDは今回のC80にはないそうですが、前回に作られた3つのCDが売られるそうです。今回新しいレティーのイラストを描かせて頂きました!


We have a booth under the circle name "KICHIGAIJIN" with the theme "肉(niku - meat)" hence the name Nikubon (meat book). I'm pretty much the odd one out but it's a book full of cute girls with some kind of meat theme. I drew two and the other one is book exclusive.
3日目 東 ケ-22a : KICHIGAIJINというサークルで参加しました(東 ケ - 22a)。「肉」というテーマでかわいい女の子がいっぱい入ってる本です。自分はちょっと他の人達と変わってますけど、大体は明るい感じですw

Members (メンバー)

Guests (ゲストさん)

Another project I worked on was JAS-SKY-MOKKOR2 in which a group of writers and a group of illustrators team up to write a short novel with illusts. I worked with the writer _RYTR who is also the head of the project.

3日目 西ま41-b 「Harlem」
      西お37-a 「timber metal」
      西お-33b 「EtherWeiss


It was my first time working on a lot of projects based in Japan so I'm really satisfied with the results. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pixiv Chat

Something I drew in pixiv chat :D (it's still a beta and needs more work into it.) It's similar to a regular pchat but it's flash based and the tools are much similar to tegaki or some of the android/iphone art apps.

There has been a recent unfortunate disaster in Japan on March 11 along with countless aftershocks and following nuclear dangers. To show my concern and support to the country I was born in, I decided to open sketch commissions - 100% of all proceeds going to Japan as donation. A friend of mine offered to take my donation to her employer (who is able to match my donation and double the amount) to donate to Save the Children. Including my own donation, I made up to $500 - hence $1000 will go as donation. I'd like to thank all the people who offered their donation and also my friend and her employer for letting me do this. I pray for the best.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



 I drew this for a friend's birthday :D. It's his original character, Good Satsuma
 It started when I was eating clementines, he asked what unshuu mikan was in english. I told him it's called satsuma and he decided to draw a character out of it lol (we were skyping during his ustream).

Another friend also drew his character! He mainly draws lineart so I decided to color it

I tried coloring it in a manga style, like how you would color it with a copic marker. Anyways, both are done with SAI. :D I had a fun time

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost Eden.

I started this way back in October or November or something and I finally finished. It didn't take me long, it's just because of school, I never had the chance to work on it D:. Anyways, I finished it and it will be for the upcoming Boiled Fish Artbook my friends and I are working on!
We have reached our goal but you can still pre-order until the 26th! Here is the link: